Andrew Benica is an accomplished artist passionately specializing in large scale, oil on canvas, ultra-high detail paintings of exotic and historical automobiles. His medium of choice; oil on large scale Belgian linen. Andrew’s “Demand to Detail” and deep research of subjects has led to previously undocumented and important elements that have added to the provenance of more than one of his client’s automobiles. To Andrew, detail is of great importance, but his artwork demands more. Andrew is an artist that finds the soul of his subject. A detailed illustration is one thing, life of the subject is another. Capturing the aggressive beast and heart of the subject is the centerpiece of his dedication to his client. He creates life in subjects that stand still. Take his interpretation of the stunning Ferrari 275 GTB/C Speciale. When viewing it; you can feel yourself, Nomex clad, helmet on, throttling up the twelve cylinder symphony and GO! His knowledge of fine automobiles is not just viewed from the outside looking in, but from personal and hands-on experience. Throughout his life, Andrew has owned and restored multiple Ferrari, Maserati and American Muscle cars. Andrew has a great love of racing and the track. In the late 1980’s he was given the opportunity to be instructed in shifting points, turn apexes, and braking points from a veteran pro IMSA driver. Along with the finer points of racing, such as spinning off the track, blown engines and “don’t let off the gas” driving a mid-engine car coming into a turn, he realized that a more suited talent may be utilized inhis artwork.

Still, this nuts & bolts passion can be felt and viewed in his work. His latest “Blueprint Series” puts a Roy Lichtenstein “Whaam” inspired dynamic into the works. See the Blue Angels A-4F “Super Fox” Skyhawk “Legends” painting. You can feel the aggressive jet flying off of your office wall. Andrew’s “Demand to Detail”, historical research and accuracy, soul and nuance of subject and dynamics, has made his original works valued by collectors worldwide Andrew’s career history becoming a hyper realist can be traced to his youth. The youngest child of an eight sibling, blended family.

Born and raised in the beautifully wooded outskirts of Philadelphia, his love of automobiles and all things mechanical was highly influenced by his father, Dr. W.S. Benica, as was his introduction to the Ferrari Brand.

(Due to the “High Profile” nature of certain clients, and respect to ensure their “PRIVACY”, contact information will only be given with the client’s consent and written “NO SOLICITATION” agreement.)